Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have no idea how my parents did it. We would travel from Toronto, Ontario to Kenora, Ontario almost every summer. It's a rough drive, 2200 kilometers, which is 2 full days of 10 - 12 hour drives with two young, cranky, bored children....long before mini-vans were equipped with portable DVD players. And then after a few days they'd have to drive back home.

We traveled to Bismarck, North Dakota to visit Phil's family last weekend. (It was a long overdue trip, since we hadn't visited since American Thanksgiving.) It was a fun weekend, but the driving was rough. We don't have a portable DVD player either.

A 7 - 8 hour drive, including stops for gas, breaks and possible runnings away from the car screaming. Just kidding. Izzie is a pretty good traveler. But she kept giving us the ASL sign for "All Done." No pumpkin, sorry, we just started.

None of us were fun to be around at the end of our trip! But we've all recouped and I have more photos to share...after I've unpacked.

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