Sunday, June 28, 2009

I just vacuumed there!

Today we've been on a major clean up kick. I washed the kitchen walls and baseboards, Phil mowed and raked the lawn, we brought down the furniture from upstairs and then I decided to vacuum.

I wiped around the house. Moving furniture, doing my mom proud with my efficiency. Then I turned around.

There was a freaking dead mouse on the floor.

WTF!! After I shrieked in horror and shock, I thought to myself...but I just vacuumed there.

How did a freaking dead mouse get into the middle of the floor? No cat in sight. (Don't get me started on the fact that there was a mouse in the house and we have TWO cats. Lazy buggers.) Izzie playing contentedly with her toys. Ugh.

I shouted for Phil to come save me, thinking he'd be grossed out just like me. Nope. He ponied up and got rid of the mouse like it was nothing. Sweet. Honey, you take care of the rodents and I'll kill all the spiders.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I can't find anything.


I couldn't find my wallet. Phil found it beside the dining table. I couldn't find the diaper cream. Phil found it beside the diapers. I couldn't find my keys. Isla found them (where were they??) and handed them to me.

Is this normal or the signs of an idiot?

Survey says....

(I have been successful finding things on the internet. Huzzah!)

Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend, while my brother R. and his girlfriend K. visited, we went to camp for a family get together. I have been going to our family camp since I was a wee bairn and still love it. This is where I climbed into a milk crate to scream my head off mid-tantrum. It's where my brother and I ran screaming from the dock when we saw a spider as big as a dinner plate, or so we thought at the time. It's where I first dipped my daughter's toes into a lake, and held her as she yelled angrily at me.

I promised to take pictures, and boy did I!

Beautiful day, check
Entertained baby, check.
The board where all of the grandchildren and now great-grandchildren's heights are recorded. The boards with all the aunt's and uncle's heights are in a different area...and very hard to read.
The old swing's last time on the deck. Nana Edie, my Nana, had purchased a new swing. And since there were going to be so many strapping, young men at the party, this was the perfect time to put it together.
My brother's girlfriend K. takes the best pictures. Here she is running off before the party starts.
My brother R. and my cousin J. hanging out at the side of camp.
Ah, cheerios. What would we do without you....
Taking the first walk down to the lake with Izzie. She was there last year, but it was way too cold to swim.
Before, and not impressed already...
After. It was the combination of sand and water that freaked her out. We took her down a few times, and after a while she wasn't that upset. She still didn't really enjoy it though.
Getting used to sand.....and the pine cones.

Some of the family relaxing before dinner. Everyone came in waves. This was the first.
Ah, the fabled swing. R. and my uncle R. are putting it together like the manly men they are. My cousin H. is trying to get Izzie to point to her nose.

She doesn't know about this. But that dress is really cute.
And then it came off. See that large bit of paint missing from the door. Yeah, she took that off too.

She likes to strut.

Ah, camp. I hope we'll be able to go out there a few more times this year. If for nothing else, so Izzie can get used to the lake.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Break....maybe

The rest of the week is going to be very busy.

My brother R. and his girlfriend K. are visiting us from Toronto, Ontario. They'll be staying in Winnipeg with us till Friday then we'll be heading to Kenora to visit the family. (Except for Phil who has piping obligations. ) And then on Saturday, we have the family get together! Excited for K. since this will be the first time meeting the family, and they're crazy fun. And a little overwhelming since there are scads and scads of them. I promise to take many pictures.

Hope you are all enjoying the same fine weather we have!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Our trees out front are in full swing. And no worms falling from them!
Bare arms, bare legs, first dress of the season.
It's warm enough in the shade.
The herb garden is planted, the little one helps move the dirt.
First scraped knee. Wasn't looking forward to that...
First band-aid pulled off.

It is finally nice outside. And now I'm going out to enjoy it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Fun

This Saturday we took the family to the Manitoba Children's Museum located at/near the Forks.

Getting ready, need shades.

The Museum had loads of fun stuff, but it was mainly geared towards older kids. And by older I mean pre-school+.
Just arrived.
Izzie makes an impression. Phil and I had more fun with this than she did. Well, I did.
Favored mode of transportation.

Since there weren't many age appropriate things for Izzie, I didn't think we'd stay long enough to get our moneys worth. That was, until, we saw the sandbox...

After the sheer bliss of playing in her own private uber sandbox, we wandered around the rest of the museum.
And then we were off! I think this will be the first of many trips.

Sandbox Bliss

Please enjoy watching Izzie's first time in a sandbox.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vest Love

Izzie is in love. She discovered this love not too long ago. She plays with the love, wears the love and tosses the love around. Her love is a hand-me down red vest.

First time meeting the vest

Once she discovered that she could put the vest on herself, all bets were off. Now the vest rarely leaves her side.
It's over her head while she plays peek-a-boo, it's on her shoulders at dinner, last night she tried to wear it to bed. I nixed that, mean mommy that I am. I don't appreciate choking hazards very much.

Right now as I type, she has the vest over her head and is walking around. Thankfully I'm able to catch her before she walks into any walls.

This is very entertaining.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Baby

Yes Daddy, we shall go far

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our New Car Has Arrived!

Note: This is not a product review. My family and I have received no compensation for this post and we paid for the bike with our hard earned (car write off) cash.

It's here! It's finally here!! Our beautiful bakfiets bike has arrived. And it sure is pretty...

Is that a banana in your bike, or are you happy to see me?

Phil stayed home for part of the day to be here for the delivery. (Getting a 100 pound bike off a FedEx truck? Not easy.) And then once we had our hands on it, we were off. We took a few test drives...and then we packed Izzie in and rode to the bakery.

She was so comfortable, she took off her socks and shoes!

Tall Grass Prairie Bakery...mmmm cookies time.

It was raining the whole time we were out. The handy canopy kept Izzie dry and warm. Now all I want to do is keep biking!

P.S. June! It's raining! I've got my eye on you....the evil, hairy, squinty eye!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey June!

Hey June! It's nice to see you again. June 2009, huh? Wow, it's been a full year since we saw you last, what have you been up to? Really? I don't care.

You want to know why I don't care June? I don't care because you are not doing your job. I had to turn the heat up today (sh, don't tell Phil!) and it's all because of you. The temperature is at least 8 degrees Celsius below what it should be. It's windy. And last night, your first night back, it hailed. I have gorgeous herbs sitting in my daughters bedroom with no place to go because of you. Oh, and the cats want them....they want them bad.
waiting, waiting, waiting.......

I have a 17 month old in a turtleneck, lined pants and smartwool socks because of you!
This isn't cool, June. You better shape up or I'm going to tell Mother Nature. And she is one mean Mother.

So June? What's it gonna be?

Oh, and you can pass this conversation on to July. Both of you can consider yourself warned.