Thursday, January 21, 2010

Around the House

Gratuitous shot of the kitties hiding from Izzie is always a great way to start off a post, don't you think?
The past two weeks have been lovely. Lots of above average temps, to even out the evil below average temps we were battling with earlier I'm sure, and lots of getting outside on the bakfiets. But then there are the days when we stay home. Today will be one of those days.

Sure we'll get outside for a walk or to clean off the walkways/patios. But today is a special day. It's bread making day.
I make all of our bread from scratch. I love making it, and we all enjoy eating the fresh bread. But there are two main reasons why I make our bread. I never know when bread will have milk in it, (most breads don't, but I don't want to chance it. The outcome is bad.) and to cut back on cost. And do we ever! We are big bread eaters. And it shows....

I love to knead the dough. I love it when Izzie "helps" me prepare the dough. She loves to watch me while I take sevreal different ingredient and turn it into a ball of goop. It's a great way for us to spend most of our day. And yes, the recipe we settled on takes up a bit of my day....and covers me in flour.

So if you'll excuse me, my helper and I have bread to create.

UPDATED: Just asked Izzie if she wants to help me make bread. "No." Alright then.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Family Mantra

From our chalkboard cupboard.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We went tobogganing. Not the tobogganing of last year....oh no siree.

No, this is the toboggan of 2010.
Look at that face. She's blissing out.


We were at a park near our house where a soccer pitch was built last summer. It has a slight down grade leading to the pitch which proved to be a perfect sledding hill.....for Izzie.

"Get on Daddy! Now push."

"K, that's done. Now get off and pull me back up. And then down again."


It was above 0 Celsius. Lovely.

That picture makes the hill look really was.

Going for a tour around the soccer pitch.

Mommy's turn. Get to work mommy.

And we're off. Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Surrender

Remember the fort I made Izzie? When I asked for ideas and help on how to create a better fort? This picture might help you out...

It sagged, it fell apart at a mere glance. It was sad. How was I to know that a master of fort building resided in my own house.

Look at it! It takes up our entire sitting space! And look at Izzie's face. She knows she's the creme de la creme of forts. I surrender dear. You are truly a fort making genius.

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Neighbourly, not Neighborly

Remember this post? I spoke of a sweater vest I was making called Neighborly. Well folks, it's finally finished.

Before sleeves

Took long enough, huh? First it was the fact that I couldn't find 5mm circular bamboo needles. (I only work with bamboo since metal and plastic needles make a noise that turns my stomach. I know, I'm such a diva.) Then it was the yarn I chose for the collar. It was to soft/flimsy to stand up. And that was after blocking it twice. So I decided to use seed stitch instead of buying new yarn.

I wanted to take pictures outside since it would look cool,
but that would just be mean so I took the pictures inside.

Once I got started, I was like a woman on fire! I sat and knitted while chips were present. I sat and knitted while people came to visit. I sat and knitted while Izzie cried for me to play instead. The last one is only half true. You can totally knit while playing hide and seek with a little one.
I also ran out of the grey yarn but I like how it turned out. Now I need a new project. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ever Feel Like...'s a pj and tutu kinda day?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Note to Self....

When giving your child a left over cupcake......

Do not let said child play with markers for the rest of the day.
There totally wouldn't be any left over cupcakes if I wasn't horribly allergic to I guess it's all my fault. Stupid allergy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We are in fort territory. Izzie received two play silks for her birthday and we started to make forts (and have been building them ever since) that night.
Here are W., Izzie's cousin, and Izzie's bum showing you how to peek-a-boo out from the fort.

That wall behind their fort is not properly insulated, so today I have been using all of my fort making skills in the living room. This was one of the duds.

Now we have a play silk/blanket hybrid in the same area. The entire morning was spent, constructing, playing and getting a little weepy when the fort would fall down. Anyone out there have any fort building tips?

(And after 4 hours of fighting with clothespins, I am now lusting after these. They look like they could hold anything to anything.)
Who knew so much fun could be had with square pieces of silk?

(Just before I post this, I want to say that the kitties are now fighting each other through the fort.)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today you turned two years old. It's wonderful, sad, lovely, sad, and great that you are two today. It seems like only yesterday were born into the world with your eyes open wide. Your passion, determination and vivaciousness have only grown.
You were surrounded by family and friends, (And many who would have loved to be here but couldn't, were here in spirit) all of whom love you more than anything. Happy birthday my darling little girl.

Now mommy simply must dissolve into the tears she has been fighting off all day. Silly? Yes, most certainly. But you have a very silly mommy.