Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We are in fort territory. Izzie received two play silks for her birthday and we started to make forts (and have been building them ever since) that night.
Here are W., Izzie's cousin, and Izzie's bum showing you how to peek-a-boo out from the fort.

That wall behind their fort is not properly insulated, so today I have been using all of my fort making skills in the living room. This was one of the duds.

Now we have a play silk/blanket hybrid in the same area. The entire morning was spent, constructing, playing and getting a little weepy when the fort would fall down. Anyone out there have any fort building tips?

(And after 4 hours of fighting with clothespins, I am now lusting after these. They look like they could hold anything to anything.)
Who knew so much fun could be had with square pieces of silk?

(Just before I post this, I want to say that the kitties are now fighting each other through the fort.)


  1. Ironically Trevor's been making forts with Abigail this week, too! Chapters sells a fort making kit... haven't bought it but am tempted.

  2. Anything that has things that need to be put together, and is not lego, is way over my head. That fort making kit makes my head hurt.

    I love that our daughters are in sync!