Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today you turned two years old. It's wonderful, sad, lovely, sad, and great that you are two today. It seems like only yesterday were born into the world with your eyes open wide. Your passion, determination and vivaciousness have only grown.
You were surrounded by family and friends, (And many who would have loved to be here but couldn't, were here in spirit) all of whom love you more than anything. Happy birthday my darling little girl.

Now mommy simply must dissolve into the tears she has been fighting off all day. Silly? Yes, most certainly. But you have a very silly mommy.


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Isla. It is hard to believe our daughters were ever babies, even when you look at the baby pictures, isn't it? Seems like they are larger than life.

    I love the picture of her stacking beer cups. Starting with the drinking games a little early, Ally?!?! ;)

    Congrats to your family. You have a beautiful daughter. As an aside, Abigail was asking where Isla was the other day. Hehe.

  2. I'm moving her onto quarters and beer pong next.

    Just kidding!