Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend, while my brother R. and his girlfriend K. visited, we went to camp for a family get together. I have been going to our family camp since I was a wee bairn and still love it. This is where I climbed into a milk crate to scream my head off mid-tantrum. It's where my brother and I ran screaming from the dock when we saw a spider as big as a dinner plate, or so we thought at the time. It's where I first dipped my daughter's toes into a lake, and held her as she yelled angrily at me.

I promised to take pictures, and boy did I!

Beautiful day, check
Entertained baby, check.
The board where all of the grandchildren and now great-grandchildren's heights are recorded. The boards with all the aunt's and uncle's heights are in a different area...and very hard to read.
The old swing's last time on the deck. Nana Edie, my Nana, had purchased a new swing. And since there were going to be so many strapping, young men at the party, this was the perfect time to put it together.
My brother's girlfriend K. takes the best pictures. Here she is running off before the party starts.
My brother R. and my cousin J. hanging out at the side of camp.
Ah, cheerios. What would we do without you....
Taking the first walk down to the lake with Izzie. She was there last year, but it was way too cold to swim.
Before, and not impressed already...
After. It was the combination of sand and water that freaked her out. We took her down a few times, and after a while she wasn't that upset. She still didn't really enjoy it though.
Getting used to sand.....and the pine cones.

Some of the family relaxing before dinner. Everyone came in waves. This was the first.
Ah, the fabled swing. R. and my uncle R. are putting it together like the manly men they are. My cousin H. is trying to get Izzie to point to her nose.

She doesn't know about this. But that dress is really cute.
And then it came off. See that large bit of paint missing from the door. Yeah, she took that off too.

She likes to strut.

Ah, camp. I hope we'll be able to go out there a few more times this year. If for nothing else, so Izzie can get used to the lake.

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