Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey June!

Hey June! It's nice to see you again. June 2009, huh? Wow, it's been a full year since we saw you last, what have you been up to? Really? I don't care.

You want to know why I don't care June? I don't care because you are not doing your job. I had to turn the heat up today (sh, don't tell Phil!) and it's all because of you. The temperature is at least 8 degrees Celsius below what it should be. It's windy. And last night, your first night back, it hailed. I have gorgeous herbs sitting in my daughters bedroom with no place to go because of you. Oh, and the cats want them....they want them bad.
waiting, waiting, waiting.......

I have a 17 month old in a turtleneck, lined pants and smartwool socks because of you!
This isn't cool, June. You better shape up or I'm going to tell Mother Nature. And she is one mean Mother.

So June? What's it gonna be?

Oh, and you can pass this conversation on to July. Both of you can consider yourself warned.

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