Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun with Water

I'd like to thank Green Mamma for giving me this idea.

It's been pretty miserable, weather-wise, for the last few days. We've been going out as much as we can, but the wind has been too strong for Izzie to walk easily. So I've been racking my brains on ways to keep Izzie from getting bored while we mostly stay inside. After I read Green Mamma's blog, I realized it was high time that I teach Izzie how to pour water.

I grabbed her recycled tea pot, cup, spoon and one of my old cookie sheets. And then the fun began.

She's not crying, she's squealing in delight...

This was at the "put the spoon in the water and taste it." Lots of nom, nom, nom sounds made.

Then the vigorous "hitting of the water with whatever I'm holding" phase began. And then more sqealing in delight.

Pouring the water on the cookie sheet and into the cup lost it's lusture. So she poured the water on herself. I tried to get a picture of her wet butt, but she wasn't having any of that.

This was a big hit, one we'll hopefully be able to do outside. Hmmm, maybe in the pool.....

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