Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Saturday

I promised you more pictures and I aim to please.

These are the pictures from the Saturday. We were very busy. Here, there and lots of parks. That's when we realized that Izzie does not like being taken away from parks. But more on that later.

Izzie and W. have fun with their Poppa. Izzie doesn't look too happy that he's on the phone and not paying attention to her....

And just like her mom, when she demands attention and she receives it! But not for the same reasons of course....
The Baby Magnet playing with the girls. This is E. Phil's sister and W.'s mother. I have decided that she is the Baby Magnet. Whenever Izzie was missing, I knew where to look.

This is Johann. (I think that's how it's spelled.) I love this freaking cat.

After spending a while at this park, we decided to sit in the shade. Izzie didn't like that idea. So she ran off.

"Return to me little one!" And she did...and then ran off to the park again.

Her reaction to our attempts to de-park her. Unhappy.

Phil, E. and W. have fun relaxing while Izzie plots her next move. Look at her back, you can see the plotting in her shoulders and in the top of her hat.

Post bath playtime. The girls get attention from a kitty who isn't afraid of them. Izzie is in heaven.
Ah, the fun of vacations. Soon to come are the Sunday photos. After I've done the laundry....

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