Friday, July 3, 2009

18 months old

Yesterday marked Izzie' s 18 month "birthday." She has grown so much in the last few months that sometimes I stop and am amazed by the young lady she's growing into.
Her fascination with bellybuttons grows.

Found yours!

I informed her that since it is her 18 month milestone, that means a trip to the doctor! For shots! This was her reaction.
So we piled into our bakfiets and set off.
Our neighbourhood is in full bloom! And the worms have stopped dropping from the trees which makes the view even sweeter.
Being originally from Ontario, the sight of vast open prairies makes me feel slightly agoraphobic. The neighbourhood of our doctor is very prairie-ish.
Water break. Also, we were super early so I decided to stop for a bit.
Just before the shots. I didn't get an after because I was a tich busy. But I did get this picture....
...when we stopped at an uber long traffic light on a quiet residential street. Note that the hand is still in the snack trap!
But all was well. Izzie went back to tormenting her little "brother" as soon as we got home.
The Tormentor!

I decided it was also time to get on this potty training thing. Not to force Izzie before she's ready, but to have the tools (step and toilet seat reducer) handy should she want to try.
And she was the toilet seat packaging.
Oh peanut! Please don't change, I love you just as you are. You goofy monkey.


  1. Your pictures and writing had me laughing the entire time. Your little Izzie is adorable and just love her creative take on the toilet seat packing, :-)

  2. Thank you Green Mamma! It is always nice to hear that.