Sunday, July 19, 2009


We rose early this morning, and I decided it was high time to make our jam. Strawberry jam.

So I cut up the strawberries and rinsed them like they were dirty little buggers.

Boiled the jars and told only clean jokes to make sure they were sanitized.
Stirred an insane amount of sugar into the strawberries and lemon juice....and dropped a bit of the pectin on the floor. Whoops. (And I didn't swear! I'm so proud of myself.)
Remembered that I had to put paraffin wax on top of the jam to preserve it, and scrambled like a mad woman to melt it.
And then....

Jam. It suffers from a severe case of floating fruit and I thought it was too watery, but it set and can be stirred.

I am Suzy Homemaker. Look at me in my apron and pearls! Dang, fine, I'll admit it. I'm still in my p.j.'s.


  1. Very Yummy! I have never made strawberry jam. This year I had some strawberry muffins, a strawberry pound cake and strawberry ice cream though? How'd the jam turn out? Did you find your strawberries good this year? Ours were kind of blah.

  2. These ones were pre-picked at the farmers' market and were really nice. The picking fields have been pretty blah thanks to the uber long winter!
    You made all that? I thought I was super for jam, but you're the real Suzy Homemaker. I pass my crown to you!