Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

To all here and abroad. We have three possible festivities in biking distance today and I'm very excited. We can go to the Forks, Assiniboine Park or the Osborne Street Festival. Excited! So excited I dressed Izzie in her Canada Day outfit first thing!

Of course once the picture taking was done I put her in a turtle neck and pants. It's only 10 degrees Celsius outside! But it's going to warm up....and the weather network is never wrong....

Now the penultimate question....Do we take Izzie to the fireworks which start 3 hours after her bedtime, or is she too young for that?
"You're not taking me to the fireworks?"


  1. We skipped the fireworks. Abigail shrieked like a banshee in May at the Victoria Day noise (we didn't go anywhere, mind you, we just listened at home) and she freaked out last November when we saw fireworks at a hotel in HI so... yeah I put her to bed. Next year.

  2. We skipped fireworks as well. She was so tired at her bed time that it seemed cruel. Next year for us as well!