Friday, July 31, 2009

Early Morning Walks

The last few days here have been very chilly, rainy and wet. ( I've started to think that we've moved to Scotland!) This hasn't stopped us from going outside since rainy days mean lots of puddles.

In fact, I've made a point to go out for walks as much as possible. The early morning walks have been very fruitful. Izzie is taking a shine to finding rocks, twigs and various forms of animals and insects.
We set out. The red vest makes its' way back into our regular clothing rotation.

What do you see, Izzie?

Yup, that is what she found. A super small rock. She wants it back!

Then we went to visit one of our neighbours and I gave Izzie the camera.



Then we set off for home so a very sleep little one could take a nap.

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