Friday, July 24, 2009

Picnic Pictures

Yesterday we had planned to bike to Assiniboine Park and have a family picnic but overcast skies and the constant threat of thunderstorms canceled those plans. Ever the resourceful family, we made other plans. Backyard picnic!

Flip flops? Check

Pre-cut veggies and pre-cupped ranch dressing because Mommy is too lazy to do it herself? Check

Double check!

Jealous cat sitting in window glaring at the scene before her? Check

Blueberries for the little one to gorge herself on? Check

First taste of celery that lasted about two seconds before being shoved into Mommys' mouth? Check

The only part of broccoli that the little one liked? Check

Huge bag of chips that the little one can munch on and then pass off? Check

First taste of sugar free lemonade? Check (Sweetened by apple juice. Very interesting.)

Little one getting bored with sitting and wanting to adventure? Check

Daddy's home! Finally the picnic can start....for him.

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