Sunday, July 5, 2009

Parents are Human Too

Izzie fell.


Bloody-nose-and-split-lip hard.

And while I held my screaming little one, I beat myself up. How could she fall while I was holding her hand. How could I take my attention away from her for a second! Sure I was looking for the entrance to the gelati place we were going to but I should have know she would fall. I'm a bad mommy.

And then I cut myself some slack. There is no way in the world I can have all my attention ALWAYS on my daughter. (Take now for example, I'm writing on the computer while she walks around the living room with a wooden toy. Who knows what horrors can come from that!)

And then I started wondering about our society. The pendulum has swung back so much that our society has put mothers under the microscope. Any mother who's child doesn't play like the others, who's child cries and has a temper tantrum, any mother who looks tired, frustrated or plain pissed off is a BAD MOTHER. And I'm as guilty as everyone else of judging other mothers.

Let's break out the high heels and pearls. It's the 1950's again...well, the entertainment industry's interpretation of the 1950's.

I think it's time we all cut each other some slack. Let's just do the best we can do and stop comparing ourselves to each other. And let's cut our parents some slack, parents are human too.


  1. Agreed!

    The judgement that goes on in the mommy community breaks my heart. Mothers need to be surrounded by support and that is so not the case so often.

    Great post, and I hope that Izzy is recovering well from her fall. :)

  2. Thank you Amber! Izzie is recovering, however it has made night time pacifier use a bit tricky...