Friday, January 16, 2009

To tired to think of a clever title

A happy Izzie, post nap

The bedroom is a battlefield! That's because Izzie and I disagree..about her needing to sleep. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have a party girl on our hands.

She's asleep now, and has been for just over an hour. Success, right? Well, this is because she was up from 2 am to 5 am last night. Ouch. Ouch for Phil, not for me. Super Phil got up with her to play in the living room while I slumbered. To my credit, I did get up with her every other time she woke up this week. I think it was 3 times, 2 hours + each time. That's right, she likes to party, people. And this has been going on, off and on, since she was about 3 months.

We've tried everything. Putting her in the crib, putting her in the bed, nursing her, (Me, not Phil) rocking her, rubbing her, putting on her bedtime music, changing her, pleading with her, bribing her, giving her water, giving her teeth medication, cuddling her, singing to her, and more things that I can't remember because I was half asleep.

Short of drugging her, we've done everything we can think of! And I'm not going to drug my daughter. So let's not even go there.

I could eventually get into the habit of this if she was making up for this lost sleep by napping twice a day. Not the case. She fights naps as well. It took me an hour to get her to nap today. She was ready for a nap, exhausted and unable to keep her head up, but she still wouldn't do it. (Her way of telling me that she's not going down is to either bite me while nursing or to pop off the boob, smile and me, then nipple twist me. "OUCH, F#*KING HELL!!!" I say in my head, while I tell her in dulcet tones, "No Izzie, hurt momma." Alright, maybe I let out a yelp or a cuss once in a while but I try to stop myself.) So we left the bedroom and played. She's so tired that she falls down, lets her head bonk the floor when she crawls, yawns, rubs her eyes, and is cranky. Who can blame her, she's tired! NOW GO TO SLEEP! Nope, nothing doing.

And then there are the nights and days when she goes with out a fight.

Sleep little monkey..

My little party girl. If I think this is tough now, I shudder to think what her teens will be like. Well, at least we have some time before then.

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