Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Steps

Izzie took her first steps by herself yesterday! She's been cruising along the furniture for some time now, and walking while holding onto someones fingers. I've been trying to get her to get comfortable walking while holding on with only one hand, and she's getting the hang of it.

But then yesterday, she walked without help.

Izzie was walking along the floor, like normal, and I moved my fingers out of her hands and started holding onto the back of her overalls. And then I let go. She walked for a solid 10 seconds and then fell onto all fours. Sat on her bum, looked me straight in the eye and yelled at me while a "WTF" expression filled her face. It took all my power not to laugh!

Those 10 seconds of walking were filled with so many thoughts; pride, sorrow, hope, cursing myself for not having the camera, anxiety, and so on.

Seems like such a short time has passed from this:
Mad that I tried to get her to stand in the lake

To this:

Cruising after, and tormenting, Argyle

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