Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blogger Butt

The last few days (last two days actually) have been really nice here. And by nice I mean that the temperature was above -20. So Izzie and I have been out for walks as much as possible.

Last year, when Izzie popped out, I barely left the house. I actually stayed in for January and February. Mainly because it was one of the coldest winters I have ever seen, but also because whenever I left Izzie I would start to cry. Those crazy hormones I tell you, yee gads! So once March hit I was ready to bundle up little baby and start hitting the pavement.

Then summer hit and Phil and I became bikers. Not biker-bikers, but bicycle-bikers. It was wonderful to put Izzie in her bike seat on my bike and to go for family rides, which we did till November. Then it snowed. Then it was to cold to do anything but stay inside and eat and drink and play with Izzie's toys and be on the computer.

Henceforth, Blogger Butt. I can't actually blame it on writing a blog, but I can blame it on blogs. Since no one ventures outside in this weather and I don't know many mothers here in Winnipeg, I read blogs. This may sound sad, but I look to blogs to give me my "other mother" interaction. What else do you expect me to do in -30 degree weather?? I go to my mothers group every Wednesday and Izzie and I try to go out everyday but that just isn't enough. I need to hear that other people are going through the same things as me! Stop judging me! (I am talking to myself of course.)

So when I have free time, and sometimes when I should be doing something else, I'm reading blogs. And so spreads the butt. Not a pretty sight for my long suffering husband who constantly gets to hear every womanly steryotype usher forth from my lips. But I digress.

So I have made it my mission to start working out. Not a lot, but to actually try. I'm not going to be trying to loose weight, just take care of myself. So sit ups, push ups and daily walks (weather permitting) are all in order. And yoga when I have a bit more time.

And then in a few short (long!) months, spring will arrive and I will be outta the house!

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