Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me? I was a drunk bride

I just spent the afternoon at the Winnipeg Wedding show and I have one thing to say. I am so glad I'm not getting married!

Our friend Jessica is newly engaged to her long time, long distance love Chris. They met in high school, suffered through torturous separation due to going to different Universities in different provinces and are now on the road to wedded bliss. But enough about them, I'm the Matron of Honour. (Yes spell check, up here we spell it with a u.)

Yay me! Huzzah! I get to be the matron. Doesn't sound so glamorous but if anyone can make it glamorous, Jessica can.

I wasn't lying! Actually it was my only
drink of the night

My wedding was planned in about 3 weeks and was exactly 3 months from engagement to wedding. My Phil lived in North Dakota and I wanted him IMMEDIATELY!! So, we planned for our wedding to be around the American Thanksgiving so his relatives could be there and had it in Kenora so most of my relatives could be there. STRESSFUL! So I drank a wee bit to calm my nervous ass down. Did it work? Hell yeah!

Spending the 5 hours at the wedding show made me think about how much pressure there is for the perfect wedding. I definetly felt that pressure during those three months. I can't imagine being engaged for years. Our wedding did turn out to be perfect. But it was different. It was in a museum, at 7pm and there was no sit down dinner or speeches or throwing of the bouquet. We had a mix and mingle with a live celtic band playing and home made wine. The museum was decorated for Christmas with trees and tinsel and lights everywhere. It was simple, to the point and very us. And I loved it.

I can't imagine the stress Jessica is feeling. She is aiming for 2010, but has not nailed any other detail down. But since she's only been engaged for two weeks, she doesn't need to have anything nailed down. Go with the flow I say, and that is the flow of liquor!

Side note #1: When my mother learned of our engagement, she told me that she wasn't good with planning "those sort of things." Turned out, she planned most of my wedding. Silly mama.

Side note #2: Most of Phils pipe band thought he was marrying me because I was pregnant. Well I wasn't, he married me for other reasons. So boo on you pipe band!

My bridesmaids Shawna, Chrissie and Shelagh
and I giving the glamour pose

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