Friday, January 2, 2009


Izzie is one year old today. So hard to believe that she's been with us for a whole year. Feels like time just flew by. (I think sleep deprivation does that to you.) Picture our household at the beginning of a new month, Phil and I look at each other and exclaim "Where did (insert month here) go?!?!?" It's been like this since Izzie was born....well for me at least. Phil said that it's been like this since we got engaged. Ha, I guess that's better than feeling like he's spending eternity with me!
Birthday cupcake with Nana
So we celebrated her day of birth with cupcakes and presents. Very low key affair. Which was perfect since we all have a touch of cold. This is the first time the whole house has had a sickness. Usually it's just one or two. But not this time. Oh no, this was the cold of the colds. It was badass in every way. It left no survivors. It even got Nana while she visited! This was the super ninja of colds, dealing out it's coldy vengence. (Did I mention in an earlier post that I make up words too? Oh, well I do.)

Okay, I'm stopping with the cold. We have it almost beat, so talking about it will probably give it more power. And that ain't happening.

Wow, I thought my post of Izzie's first birthday would be sweet and sad and loving. No, not my style, I talk about ninja colds. Sorry monkey!

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