Monday, May 11, 2009

A walk around the house

What gives Winnipeg?? You show us some deliciously gorgeous days and let the trees start to bud....
Then you decide to throw us for a loop and.....
Can you see tiny white flakes? That is snow.
Evil snow.

Thankfully today is turning out to be a seriously gorgeous day. And since I like to leave our two hour bike rides until after Izzie naps, (nothing like biking with a sleeping toddler on your arm, scary!) we took a walk around the outside of the house to see what needs to be done..

First summer hat of the season, she's not to sure

Ah, sunshine. Those blocks need some chalk drawings!

GRASS SEED! Need some grass seed.

She likes to play hide and seek around that tree.

Taking charge, time to go to the front of the house

I don't think you need that hat anymore, monkey

She didn't think she needed that hat either!

Off comes the hat, and up the stairs.

Change of mind, now to the back again!

And she's done, watch out Argyle

And that was our morning adventure. Whew, I'm on picture overload now. Hope everyone had as nice of a morning as we did!

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