Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bike Ride to Assiniboine Park

This morning I decided that we weren't going to spend the morning sitting around the house. I had a mission. And that mission was to bike the 8 kilometers to Assiniboine Park and the 8 kilometers back! Why did I want to do this? Because I will be doing it two times this weekend. Saturday is the "Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike" Festival and Sunday is the "Teddy Bears Picnic."

So this morning I was bound and determined to see if I could survive the trek.

Trying to get a handle on taking a picture while biking

Yup, right up my nose

Whizz, zoom. The cars flying by me.

This is was she looks like while biking,
Poor sad peanut

Lovely day for a bike ride!

Coming up to the underpass. Thank goodness we don't
have to cross Kenaston!

River to the right of us. Winnipeg rivers are brown

Now on the multi-purpose path. Lots of joggers
with headphones in. HEAR MY BELL DANG IT!

The entrance to the park in the distance.

In the park, stopping for a drink

Very lovely biking conditions in the park

Park buildings...I should know their names...I don't

Leaving the park, they want you to dismount too cross a very narrow street. Uh, guys? I understand the stopping and looking, but dismounting and walking takes a lot longer than just riding. And If I start going and a car appears, they have to wait...because I'm not stopping midway...and they don't like that. Just so you know, you guys who control these things...
Coming up to Academy and Wellington. I cheated and am on the sidewalk,
which I wouldn't have done if there
were pedestrians.

Coming up to the bridge.

Water, bridge and basket shot.

And then we arrived home. No shots of that since it's a bit busier. Thanks for coming on our adventure! Now I must sit down on the couch and eat popcorn.

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