Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Adventures

Since the United States of America, the land of Phil's origin, is having a long weekend Phil's parents decided to make the long trek up to our neck of the woods. We all spent a lovely day at an "educational nature reserve" that is located in our fair city of Winnipeg. Can you tell I've been outside all day or am I only sounding loopy to myself?Once inside the "reserve", we were greeted with loads of Canada geese, whom I do not have a good relationship with....stupid Toronto geese chasing me when I was little.

Then we entered into the current eternal question with Izzie: Stoller or walking?
Walking won for the most part of today. I tried to put her into the stroller once. It did not go over well.
A gosling. It was surrounded by geese, I just tried to stay far away from them. I'm very scarred by the goose attack of '85.

The inside bird habitat. Izzie was LOVING this

The indoor stuffed animals that kids can touch.

Outside of the interactive indoor gallery we were greeted with this sight. Lakes and gardens and benches and off in the distance two Adirondack chairs. (People were sitting in the chairs.) We took some time to look around.
Izzie enjoying the geese again. I guess the Winnipeg
geese aren't as angry as Toronto geese.

Izzie's personal walker, Poppa

We then headed out along the trails. There was a garden trail, a wetlands trail, a "look at the lake" trail and some other trail that I don't remember. We smished smashed the first three trails together mainly because we had no idea where we were going. When we were done we came across The Sod House.

Poppa and Izzie at the "Sod House."

Buckets aren't for washing, they're for drumming!
Putting Izzie to work.

There's nothing like a nice warm day, lots of sunshine, lots of activity and two very attentive grandparents to make a little one sleep like a log!

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