Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun with sidewalk chalk

After our walk around the house yesterday, I decided our patio blocks were in desperate need of some colour. I broke out the sidewalk chalk and started to show Izzie how to use it. I drew flowers, fishes, the sun, the ABC's and a welcome home for Phil. And then Izzie decided to leave her job of "twig maintenance" and join me. And join me she did!
In her own special way.

Sidewalk flowers

Sidewalk ABC's

for Phil

Izzie helps

The best part of chalking sidewalks

The masterpiece

Trying to show you the lavender chalk in her hair

And since it's going to rain, it's a good thing I took pictures!


  1. Beautiful work!! =) Love the chalky pants . . . Always the best part!! =D lol Usually it's all over the pants . . . shirt . . . hands . . . sometimes even the face and hair!! Bathtime!!

  2. Yay I love getting comments! Thank you.

    That's the brilliant thing about working with chalk, some soap and water and it's vanished.