Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Freaking Way

I have always loved lilacs. I mean, who doesn't? They're pretty, smell gorgeous and tell the world that spring is sprung. I even vowed to have then as my wedding bouquet, but since I got married in November that didn't happen. Therefore I have always envied anyone who has a lilac bush in their front yard.

So when we bought our house, the first thing I said to Phil was that I wanted to plant a lilac bush. Okay, it wasn't the first thing but it was said. I vowed to pull out the bushes in our front yard and plant lots of lilac bushes next year. Someone told us that the bushes were Manitoba Maples, and we already have scads of those in the backyard thank you very much!

And then I looked outside this morning...

Those be freaking lilac bushes!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Those buds weren't there yesterday!

So very happy. Now I don't have to spend money or break my back digging out unforgiving roots. Huzzah!

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