Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Fall Should Look Like..

(Wow, has it been a week since we returned home from our trip? Jeepers! Sorry all, had a bit of a hard time getting back into my groove. I am remiss and will try to make it up to you!)

The day we arrived at Grandpa W. and N.'s house, they had had an overnight foliage fall. BrilliantTrying to teach Izzie how to shuffle in the leaves.

"Why do you keep running away Mommy?" To take your picture, now hold still...

My little poser.

Oh, wait..she wanted to go down the hill.

So I tossed her into a pile of leaves instead!

This is her "Me no likey" face.

And then she realized that she was wearing mittens.

Still entranced by her mittens.

And then we went down the hill.

Picking out a leaf to bring back to Grandpa.

I think she's done.

Ah Winnipeg for all your fine qualities, and there are many, I just haven't experienced a fall day like this in your vast prairie-ness. So many colours. And the shining sun. Can you try and work on that Winnipeg? No? K, good talk.

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