Monday, October 26, 2009

Carving a Pumpkin Toddler Style

Last Halloween I was so behind with my planning that I purchased our pumpkin the night before and carved it by myself. I felt like I'd jilted Izzie out of a super fun and messy time that she would have loved. Well, I swore to myself, not this year. We bought our pumpkin from a pumpkin farm a week ahead...the following is what happened.

First incision complete. Toddler interference run by the Daddy.

I thought giving her a spoon would ease her into it, she was confused.

Interested and still confused as to why I am pulling things out of the orange ball.

Daddy tries to get her to touch the pumpkin guts. Yes, that is what he called it.

Weirded out by said pumpkin guts.

Peering inside and...

Pointing to either the guts or something she'd like us to buy from the grocery store. Who knows.

And she's done. Mommy is much more interesting since she has the picture box. Did I cause irreparable damage to her by denying her her first Halloween???

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