Thursday, October 1, 2009


Dear October,

You're here! It's good to see you. We're glad you're here since you bring so much joy into our house. Granted you make us turn the furnace on, the furnace that is on it's last legs and being replaced very soon, but that's okay. You also bring us Halloween, pumpkins, fall, apples, blankets to snuggle under, sweaters to wear, bike rides without sweating through clothes. Lets face it October, you rock!

I have one request. I know you must get this a lot, but it is coming from my heart, my soul...and my cockles. Please don't snow. Please? Even if you get the urge, hold back. Seriously.

Thanks October. Hey, are you close with November? Cause I need to talk to November.

Once again, thank you.


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