Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for another diaper

After reading a very informative and interesting blog from MckMama on potty training, I realized that it has been a very long time since I gave Izzie any "naked time."

Izzie used to be plagued with many maladies of the nether regions which forced me to change diaper brands 4 times, wipe brands 3 times and diaper cream brands 5 times. Also, it required daily naked time. Time where Izzie could let it all hang out. And since this usually happend in the morning, after she had spent most of the night in one diaper, she usually reserved her worst nether movements for this time. Oh what a joy, what a clean up. And anyone who knows me, knows I hate to clean.

Move to several months later, also known as tonight. Izzies maladies of the nether region are of the past, thanks to gDiapaers, Nature Babycare wipes, and Desitin, so naked time has not occured in a while. Phil and I are striving to keep the -30 degree weather where it should stay, outside. Izzie starts to get a bit overheated from all the heat and her polar fleece top. I decide that maybe Izzie should run around the house naked. (I always think kids are super cute when they're buck naked and running. Love that carefree, couldn't give a damn nature.) The diaper she has on is soaking wet, and she's very warm. Off come the clothes and the diaper. Izzie and I snuggle and play with her feet. We chat, we bounce along to the music, we have loads of giggles. I set Izzie on the floor to roam around.

She pees.

Just a little. I laugh out loud, slightly startling her. She laughes with me. I use the back of the wet gDiaper to clean it up. I tell Izzie that she just peed. I ask her if it felt good to pee. (As MckMama suggest.)

She squats.

Phil and I look on with slight horror. Is she taking a dump?

Nope, she just peed again.

Thatta girl. You show that floor who's boss.

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