Friday, February 6, 2009


No, not the type you think. Well maybe. If you're thinking house hunting, then you are correct.

Phil and I have been on the prowl for a few weeks for a house. We've driven all over town looking at houses. Scoping them out. Lying in wait for the perfect house in the perfect area in the perfect price range. Getting ready to pull the trigger on signing an offer.

Why are we looking now when the economy is sucky? (Yeah I called it sucky, so what?) Well, because we are apartment dwellers and would like to invest in a home. We'd also like to move into a bigger home than we have right now (2 bedroom) in preperation to maybe eventually having another child. However, with the economy being as it is (sucky) we have a VERY low price range.

So we have looked at really nasty houses, nice houses in seedy areas, and houses that look great but then you get to the basement and notice that there are wires everywhere or pipes that could give you lead poisoning. Alas, we have been searching in far.

It can get pretty depressing after a while. I'm trying to stay upbeat. Saying that the perfect house will come along at the right time. Then I go see a house and wonder why the perfect house is taking it's sweet time to show up. I'm excited to move into a house, so show up already! Thankfully there is no major rush for us to buy a house, we have all the time in the world. Or at least until our lease is up in June. But I get so excited looking at houses online that I get a fever. And the only cure is the perfect house. I'M WAITING!!!!! Calmly, of course.

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