Monday, February 9, 2009


It was well past her bedtime, but Izzie was motoring around the house. Babbling, cruising, crawling and being very entertaining. I tried to put her down, but she was not having any of it!

So sleepy, so much to do!

And then I realized, we hadn't brushed our teeth! Our nightly ritual, an idea from my friend Jen, and I'd forgotten! Bad Mamma.

Well brush our teeth we did. Then I feed Izzie and she went down like a ton of bricks. Way to go little one, you keep your mamma in line!

An "old" pic of Izzie and Phil cuddling

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  1. That's hilarious re: the tooth brushing! I found Abigail recovered her sleep routine reasonably well after her cold too, which is nice. I'm glad you have a blog! I meant to ask a while ago but uhm, I always think of these things nowhere near a computer and by the time I get to one I'm always like "now what did I mean to do?" and instead spend my time snooping on Facebook. Go figure.