Friday, February 13, 2009

How quick a week can go by...

Haven't posted in a few days buy I want to bring you up to speed...

On Monday, Phil and I and Izzie went to see three houses. Out of all the houses we've looked at, the last one we saw that day REALLY stood out.

On Tuesday after much discussion, Phil and I decided to make a bid on the house. We went in and signed our life away. The bid was accepted without a counter offer with all appliances included!

On Wednesday my mother and her lovely friend were in town and requested a viewing. Our wonderful real estate agent, Ryan, let us in. They both loved it, except for the main floor ceiling which needs to be replaced eventually. (But we already knew that)

On Thursday we were approved from money lenders and governments alike. Only one more thing to do.

Today, Friday the 13th, we go to have the house inspected. (I first wrote "our home"just now but then took it out since it isn't yet.) If all goes well, then we seal the deal. If it doesn't, then we run screaming with our money.

We go in an hour and a half.

Wish us luck!

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