Sunday, February 14, 2010

On The Mend


And I mean uber stomach flu super duper gross sick.

We have been under the weather for the last week, and while it was not fun to be sick there was lots of family time and snuggles. (Izzie usually doesn't have time for lots of snuggles during the day, she's got things to do!)

I got better quickly, Izzie did not. (Phil got a bit of an upset stomach and some aches. I think his red hair may give him some sort of a sickness shield. I am wondering how to harness this power.)

Last night we took Izzie to the Children's Emergency and had her checked out. She was lethargic, having trouble maintaining eye contact and still couldn't keep anything down. We found out that her sugar levels had plummeted and after trying to raise her sugar levels orally, didn't work out, she was put on an IV. She was so tired and out of it that every poke and prod didn't even faze her. So from 1 am to 7 am she was hooked up and pumped full of sugary goodness.

And today? She has kept everything down, started bossing us around again and was annoyed with me when I snuggled her for longer than she deemed necessary.

There's my girl!

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  1. Noticed it was kind of quiet in your corner of the web this past week, and I was getting a little worried... So VERY glad to hear she's on the mend!! :) That first hospital experience can be quite traumatic for both the little one, and the parents! Hope they took good care of you all there!! And I really hope this week goes better for you, and that everyone's back to their 'normal'!! :)