Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Piece

When I first took Izzie to meet my Dad, he had his old rocking chair for Izzie to play with/on. Oh what joy she had with it. And what joy he had watching her.

It's light blue and has a picture of a kitten holding a ball. It's perfect for a kitty loving little girl.

We visited two more times. Once when Dad was really sick, and once more for his passing. Both times, the rocking chair was there.

When we last saw it, my stepmother promised to send the rocking chair our way. (My dad's best friend is the post master in their town and was happy to help.)

Flash forward to two weeks ago when we received a very large package. Inside was the rocking chair, in four pieces. My dad's friend had gently taken it apart so it would travel safely. He also wanted to give us the option of painting it.

Since the rocking chair was perfect as it is, it was glued together and set up. Then Izzie came down with the flu. Rocking was not high on her list.

Until today. While I was vacuuming, she climbed into the chair and...well, you can see from her face how much fun she had.
It's nice to have a little piece of my Dad around.

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  1. That is so sweet! Brought a tear to my eye. :)