Friday, August 28, 2009

What Are You Looking At?

While Izzie and I walk to the library through the lovely Winnipeg skywalk, we received more than our fair share of looks. There were the "aw, cute" looks that come with towing a young one. There were also the "over-the-shoulder-stop-hogging-the-stairs-with-your-brat" stares that I feel both guilty and annoyed upon receiving. And then of course the "ugh, another child" looks. I can't feel bad about receiving that one since I did hand it out in my pre-parent days. I was a tich anti-child.

But then there are the stares that I don't like. The "Stop. Stare. Follow with your eyes." Creepy. Seriously, creepy. They have actually stopped in their tracks and are staring at me. I can see them out of the corner of my eye, and am trying not to stare back. I wonder what they're staring at. Their youth? Their long lost (however they are lost) child? I am saddened, and thoughtful...and then I start wondering....

Do you want my child? You do, don't you! You want to snatch her out of my hands and run away with her?!?!? You want to kidnap her and pass her off as your own, or pretend she's a doll, or attach stings and call her your marionette! Oh, it's on. I have never won or actually truly engage in a fight, but bring it stare-sy. We shall dance the dance of war!

And then it's over, and Izzie is annoyed. My slight mental detour has kept her from the fountain. Sorry peanut, mommy's just...well, she just loves you soooooo much that crazy people make her crazy. That's right, it's all about the love.

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