Monday, August 17, 2009

Early Morning Walks Part 2

Our technical difficulties are over! Well, they were over a few days ago. but we were so busy enjoying each others company and downloading all of our files to the new hard drive that there was no time to post.

So we're back, and it's the middle of August! Last week we had temps in the humid 40's and sunshine and night time thunderstorms. All of Winnipeg was breathing a sigh and shouting that summer had arrived.

And then the last two rained. And rained. And the temperature dropped like a brick.

She is not over dressed.

But she sure thought she was! Outside stripping? Better get it out of her system before the snow flies.
Our previous walks were very kitty centric, (and by that I mean that I could only get Izzie to walk by saying, "Lets go find the kitties!") but now Izzie has learned about squirrels.

Sorry kitties, but squirrels can fight and chase in circles on trees. You just can't beat that!
The only picture of a squirrel that I could get before the camera died. (Looks like the city is fixing the sidewalk that's been torn up since we moved into our house. Well, they've made the hole bigger and cleaned out the litter. I guess that could be considered fixing it....)

That's it for our walk, I shall now leave you with a picture of the chocolate cake I made yesterday....

..because every dreary day should have a chocolate cake! (Is my oven dirty or is it just me? Oh well.)

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