Friday, August 21, 2009

The Art of Sticking Stickers

Where should stickers go? On paper? No, they should go up your nose.

First, you must sport a Marie Antoinette style sticker while munching on toast. Then...

Study your stickers. Really study them...


Then select that perfect sticker.

Make sure the sticker to nostril ratio is good...

Then go for it before your mom puts the camera down and intervenes.


  1. So cute, :-) My husband and I are frequently covered in stickers from head to toe; our 2 year old discovered stickers last fall and has been thrilled to deck out our entire house and her parents (and the cat, and maybe now her baby brother) with stickers, stickers, stickers, :-)

  2. That's funny. Soon your new little one will be covered in stickers....or maybe not.