Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Easter

Knit up a few easter eggs...

add a felted basket made by the Nana...

Add a note from the easter bunny..

And you have one very excited little girl!

Oh the utter glee that took over our house. Coffee and tea were not even close to being started and we were out the door.

Thank goodness the weather held off. It had rained and hailed the day before, so I...I mean the easter bunny wrapped the eggs in foil.

Izzie found all 5 of her eggs, but found one all by herself.

Do you see the egg?

And all to soon we were all done. All to soon for Izzie, not for the rest of us. We needed caffeine!

So we headed inside where I had set out the easter presents from our extended family. Everyone wanted to shower Izzie in easter love. The rest of the day passed in a sugar induced haze.

Her eggs and basket now sit on our nature table.

And we have all re-read that card to her about a gazillion times now.

Not bad for her first easter egg hunt!

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