Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Monday

And we had a wonderful weekend full of biking, adventures and family time. The temperature here is reaching balmy temps, above -10 Celsius, leading us outdoors. Sigh, I am getting excited for spring.

And in that vein of thought, here are some links!

Rhythm of the Home has their new spring edition online, lots of crafts and articles. Check it out here.

Because of this, we're changing how we do things around here. More on that later.

I would totally buy this if it was legal to have chickens in the urban center of Winnipeg....and if I could afford it.

As always the hubby and I are talking about moving someday. This is where we're thinking now. Oh, and here of course.

Because of this post, I think I now have the courage to spin my own wool. And the birthday requests to back it up!

Izzie and I are at odds for our music selection when we go upstairs. I want to play this, she wants/demands this.

This picture makes me long for a itty bitty baby to make it for.

And we finally found some pine cones to add to our nature table. Pictures and story to follow.

Happy Monday to all.

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