Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ode to Camilia

Oh Camilia, you are the best
You help us out when the baby needs rest
You calm the pain of the teething
And stop the sounds of endless seething
I love you, Camilia, you should know
Now lets buy some more of you, uh....yo.

Today Izzie has been having a rough day. Her 8th tooth is coming in, and she is unable to sleep. Has made the day pretty interesting.

She always has a tooth come in when she reaches a milestone. Right now it's learning to walk. Before that, crawling. Before that, commando crawling. Before that, rolling. Izzie didn't crawl before she was 11 months. She much preferred rolling. She'd butt shuffle to the position she wanted and rolled. It was the cutest.

And now she's walking along walls, so close to the first steps she will take on her own. We are now 3 days away from her first birthday and I am reminded of the moment her first teeth broke through. She's not my little baby anymore.

Aw, that made me sad. Let's cheer up a bit. There once was a girl from Nantucket...

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