Monday, December 29, 2008

My First Blog

Hello all, here I am writing my first blog. Yes, I am a bit behind the times. So prepare yourself. It will be poorly edited, and have a few spelling and grammar mistakes. However, I think it will be interesting. And isn't that what a blog should be all about?

So enough about how immature my blogging is. I should write about who, what, where and why I am. No "how" in this one. That's a whole other posting.

My name is Allyson, and I am a new-ish stay at home mother to a lovely little monkey. She, who I will call Izzie, is beautiful, fun, interesting and a wonderful home companion for my everyday life. She was born on Jan 2nd, 2008. Her 1st birthday is in a few days. And she is often mistaken for a boy. Lack of hair will do that to you. I was bald till I was 4, so I should know.

I am married to a gentleman named Phil. Now if you ask anyone who knew me before I got married, I'm pretty sure they thought I would be the last to do so...if ever. I was never very traditional in that sense. And that's putting it mildly. Phil is from the U. S. and we met in the town we now live in, Winnipeg. He is everything you could wish for in a husband. Kind, loving, funny, thought provoking and tight with the purse strings. He also lies to me in the best of ways. ("Honey, you're always beautiful!")

Moving on. We all live in the land of Winnipeg. The center of Canada. The land of extremes. Where the temperature can drop to below -40 degrees Celsius and go above plus 30 degrees Celsius. Where the winter is a dry kind of cold and the summer is a humid kind of hot. It also has the most restaurants per capita, or something like that. Sure we may be the murder capital of Canada this year, but we've been the Slurpee (frozen slush drink) capital for as long as I can remember. And we're only the murder capital because it's per capita. And I'm sticking to that.

I think that's the who, the what and the where. Now we land on the why. I have decided to start a blog for many reasons. Neither Phil nor I live close to family. The closest is my mothers side of the family, including my mother, who live in Kenora, Ontario which is 2 hours away. Phil's family live in the States. So, I thought this would be a great way of keeping in touch. Also, I am a stay at home mother. And though I love being at home with Izzie, and wouldn't change it for the world, it gets a little lonely. Especially in that negative 40 degree weather I was talking about earlier. Therefore, this is also my way of expressing myself.

And that's the gist of it. And the end of my first blog. Huzzah, I am done! I think congratulations are in order. I think I'm going to help myself to a left over Christmas cookie.

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