Thursday, December 3, 2009

Travelling Toddler

While driving to and from the US last weekend, Phil and I had an education. How To Entertain Your Exhausted Toddler Because She Doesn't Want To Sleep and She Hasn't Slept For 8 Hours Straight.

None of us are used to travelling in cars, which could be the reason Izzie was unable to fall asleep around her normal nap time. But we tried everything, and I mean everything. Including stopping for over an hour at a mall so she could play in the indoor playground. Surely that would tire her out? Normally, yes. But alas....
Feeding the backseat beast seemed to appease her. Playing with puzzles (ugh, puzzles while travelling) and reading stories over and over again also helped. And then, once the sun had set after the 8th hour of being awake, our backseat beast would quietly slip into slumber. We would sigh with relief....and then reach our destination 10 - 30 minutes later.

Moving on to my purpose of telling you this. Yesterday, Izzie, and I went to the Museum for some fun away from the house. Along came my friend and Izzie's Auntie. And her car. We strapped Izzie in and away we went.

Fun was had, slides were slid, stairs were climbed and we called it a day. Plunked Izzie into the seat and headed home. Two minutes into the drive, we look back....


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