Friday, September 11, 2009

Yard Sailing

I am officially a lover of all things yard sale. Well, not the gross falling apart furniture or the used toys that totally should have been wiped of before my daughter got her hands on them. But I love all the other things. Like orange chairs that are totally cheap for Izzie's room...

That chair is in great shape, and we got it for a steal! And it rocks, much to Izzies delight.

Yard sales are one of the best things about this season, and I mean the season of summer ending. Everyone is desperately trying to get rid of their stuff and they don't care how much you pay for it. Score! I have grabbed many pieces of fabric to reuse and we also have an end table for our couch. It's circular and a wee bit wobbly, but slap on some turquoise paint and distress it and it'll be golden....just have to figure out what paint to use....and decide which colour of turquoise.

And lastly, while shopping at a thrift store, I found this little gem..
A handmade wooden rocking horse for Izzie's delight. It now has diaper cream smeared on it, but at least it knows it's loved.
And it goes with our floor.

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